June Update to Search Engine Optimization Test

Our Drupal vs WordPress vs Jooomla search engine test has been running our for six months now.

If we’re going to get any conclusions at all, then they should be emerging by now. Let’s see what’s up:


As reported in earlier posts (launch post, first update and second update) we’re running a test comparing the search engine optimization capabilites of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.  We created three sites, Jabalpur.net.in (WordPress) Amritsar.net.in (Drupal) and Vadodara.net.in (Joomla). Each website was created with a similar amount of content, similar Overture results and a similar domain name.

Current Status

Within two weeks of launch the WordPress site was so far ahead that it looked as if they competition was over. Slowly however, Drupal and Joomla have recovered until things are more or less equal. We’ve seen ups and downs, and finally it looks as if the three sites have punched themselves to a draw. The only major difference is that the Drupal site is lagging somewhat in Yahoo and MSN.  Because of its success earlier in the however, it has managed to gather a much greater number of visitors from search engines.

{moschart id=19}


  • After this test, it will be difficult for us to say without any clarity that any of these three projects has an inbuilt ranking advantage over any other.
  • Although this problem is often mentioned in connection with Joomla, WordPress actually had more junk pages indexed than either of the others (/wp-register.php etc.)
  • Our test was with relatively small sites. It would be interesting to see a comparison between large scale Drupal, Joomla and WordPress sites because small bugs would be magnified much more significantly.

Where next for our SEO tests?

We have the next test lined up. The concept is clear and the sites are ready. All we’re missing is the content. So, if you know any good content writers who can meet deadlines, drop us a line. Otherwise, we hope to get it ready inside the next two weeks. 


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