SEO Plugins for Firefox

Firefox logoI’m sure most of you have heard the trick question for webdesigners: “which browser do you use?”.

(The correct answer is “all of them”, because designers need to check their work in every major browser.)

SEO people will give you a different answer: “Firefox”.

It so many great plugins available that it really is the best browser to use. In honor of Firefox 3’s huge launch, here’s a rundown of the best plugins available for SEO work:

  • Google Global. Check results in international versions of Google.
  • Header Spy: Show if your site is producing the right header information (301, 404 etc.)
  • KGen: Shows which keywords are strong on a particular page.
  • MetaTags: A side bar menu showing a page’s meta data.
  • No Script: I use this to test how a site will work with all its fancy spider-blocking scripts removed.
  • Rank Checker: Bulk check a large number of keyword rankings from the browser.
  • SEO Quake: Shows large amounts of SEO data for each page.
  • SEO for Firefox: Shows similar data to SEO Quake but in the search results for easy comparisons.
  • Web Developer: Great for finding out why a site runs slowly.
  • yExplore: Easy access to Yahoo Site Explorer info.

Are there any other really useful plugins that I’ve missed?

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