Short Cuts for Great Google Rankings

Dancing CowboySometimes you just want a short-cut. Sometimes the idea of slogging away for months to reach your goal just doesn’t seem worth the effort. Take the woman on the right. My wife just went to Japan and found this “Dancing Cowboy” machine. Designed for people who want to get fit without effort, you don’t have to do anything. Sit there, and the machine will shake like a horse and do the exercise for you.

I’m sure theres a lot of people out there who’d like some SEO shortcuts. From an e-mail I got this week:

4 months to do SEO seems like a long time to do anything. I mean what takes 4 months?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there you could jump ahead of much older and more established sites? Here are five ways to leverage Google’s own features to your advantage:



Read more: Click here to list your business in Google local search. There are several people on our forums who’ve founded their businesses within the last year and have used Google Local to jump ahead of people whose sites have been up since the 1990s.



Read more: Instructions for running video perfectly in Joomla. Your videos will need to be hosted on YouTube, which is good news because it also solves on hosting / bandwidth costs.



Read more😕 Make sure to remove Disallow: /images/ from your site’s robots.txt file. Click here to read more about image optimization.



Read more: How to get your Joomla site indexed in Google News.



Read more: Make sure your product is on all major sites in your niche. For books, that means,, For golf equipment, thats, etc. Click here for tips on doing this with Virtuemart.

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Google’s technical name for this move away from simple text results is called “Universal Search” and its been around for around one year now. Yahoo and MSN have their own versions of Universal Search. took this further than anyone else with all kinds of search result delivered on one page.

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