Update to a Joomla SEO Site Review from June

Joomla SEO Site Review Back in the summer of this year where we had a short series offering free site reviews to companies who didn’t mind having the advice made public to help others learn. We had an email this week from John Parker who asked us to examine his site va-home-loansonline.com which provides home loans to Texas military veterans. You can see what the site looked like before the review at Archive.org.

He’s really done a great job of taking our suggestions from the analysis and SEO Book, and then implementing them successfully. Here’s his update, 6 months after the initial review:

John on the Status of Va-Home-LoansOnline.com

The site is now almost a year old and while I still use the landing pages for pay per click, I wasn’t happy with my SEO results until recently. That changed after making some of the changes in the review.

Since the review, I have installed just about every component or core hack that is available for Joomla. I have been trying to get links from other websites and have managed to expand my links from 11 to 140 including DMOZ. I have continued to add content to the website to get traffic.

I also removed JomComment because nobody was leaving comments, they were calling me.

I have pretty much followed your SEO book to the letter, I need another copy of it … Mine is old 🙂

Where My Site Ranks Now

Here are my search query results from Google Webmaster Tools. Most of them are very relevant searches.

  • texas vet loans …. 10th position
  • texas veteran loans …. 10th position
  • “texas veteran loans” …. 2nd position
  • “texas veteran loan” …. 5th position
  • texas va mortgage …. 7th position
  • dream home mortgage dallas …. 8th position
  • texas veterans loan …. 9th position
  • use of builders lender …. 1st position
  • va loan energy star …. 9th position
  • veterans home builders tx …. 2nd position
  • history of home financing …. 6th position
  • “veterans home mortgage” …. 8th position
  • texas veterans home loan …. 9th position
  • texas va home loans …. 10th position
  • texas va loan …. 10th position
  • texas veterans loans …. 5th position
  • texas vet mortgage …. 8th position
  • va refinace …. 9th position
  • texas veterans home …. 10th position

(If you want to find this data for your site, log into Webmaster Tools, click “Statistics” and then “Top search queries”.)

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