Video Explaining Google Analytics Goals in Joomla

Today is the first in a series of video blog posts about setting up Google Analytics on your Joomla site. We’re getting started by explaining how to setup goals – how do you track whether your site is doing what it was designed for (selling products, generating leads, making you money).

In the video I talk about sending everyone to a single page once they’ve completed a goal on your site. Click here for those instructions.

For experienced Analytics users we have five advanced tips.

Google Analytics Goals in Joomla

Making These Videos More Useful to You

  • I’ve tried to incorporate feedback people were kind enough to send on past videos, including making the video shorter and zooming more. I’m sure there’s much more room for improvement, so please feel free to post below.
  • We’ll be covering several more Analytics topics in the next few days. If theres anything you’d like included, please drop in a comment.

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