I applied to speak at WordCamp Miami in 2015 and again in 2016.

Last year, I was lucky and got accepted.

This year, I was lucky and didn’t get accepted.

Why was I lucky? Because I got this email from David, the organizer: wordcamp-miami.png

I’ve never had a reply like that from a conference before.

Not only does David organize the biggest regional WordCamp in the US (and perhaps further afield), but he takes the extra time to write a personal note to over 160 speakers who weren’t accepted.

Maybe those two things are related.

Going forward, I’ve printed out David’s reply and will use it as a reminder of how to deal with our own customers.

2 thoughts on “How to Win Friends and Influence People: WordCamp Miami Edition

  1. Thanks Steve. I would be lying if i said every email we send out is 100% custom – we do use a few similar phrases in most of the emails and some emails have more personal details than others. But nothing is sent out in bulk and we try to encourage people to keep applying. You’ve spoken at WordCamp Miami before, so you know we usually operate! 🙂

    Our lead organizer Ptah Dunbar has been great in reminding the rest of the organizers to try to be as personable as possible.

  2. You’re welcome, David

    With today’s automation tools, it’s so tempting to take shortcuts and do things “efficiently” and mechanically.

    I’m always struggling to resist and take those extra seconds to add a personal touch.

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