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All the focus on WordPress’ new desktop app has been about its use of Javascript.

I think that’s missing the bigger picture.

Brian Krogsgard’s Post Status newsletter has an interesting quote from Matt Terenzio:

I’d bet the move is not driven by the needs of the .org community so much but rather that wants to be more read/write/social to continue to grow and compete. That might ultimately be good for everyone even though it wasn’t done with the traditional blog/cms user in mind.

Lost in the Javascript debate was the launch of which allows you to find and subscribe to WordPress-based blogs. You’ll also find the same features in the “Reader” tab of the new WordPress desktop app:


Notice the tag-line of this new feature:


The omission of .com is clearly deliberate. My guess is that Jetpack-enabled sites will soon have access to publish here too. We’re already close to that scenario. Login at and visit on of the many WordPress VIP sites. You’ll see a WordPress admin bar and you’ll be able to add that site to your Reader:


Go ahead and test the Reader feature. It’s lightning-fast. It seems clearly inspired by  Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles. There is a link to the blog at the bottom of the page, but the content loads entirely inside the app.


The future of WordPress? A network of all sites and many (perhaps most) sites, connected via Jetpack.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Automattic soon releases a separate iOS and Android app for Reader.

Back in 2012, I predicted WordPress could become a dominant social network. That network future is getting closer.

[UPDATE] Jeff Chandler from WPTavern points me to this forum post:

We’d like to include all Jetpack sites more inclusively in the Reader in the future too—we’re working toward that.

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