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Logtivity Has Notifications That Work Across All Your Sites

I’ve been building sites and starting projects for … too many years now. Let’s say 20 years as a conservative estimate. I’ve collected dozens of sites for work, hobbies, side-projects, and for various family members.

It’s always been a pain to keep track of them. At least one site every year gets hacked and falls victim to a bad plugin, or some mistake I’ve made.

So I’ve been making full use of the “Global Alerts” we’ve just built at Logtivity.

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Never be seen working on the weekend

I’ve always thought of myself as teacher.

But, as OSTraining has grown in the last several years, I’ve found myself moving into the role of a manager rather than a teacher. 

Still, the two roles have a lot in common.

One of the biggest similarities is that you really need to be careful about the behavior you model. For example, I often used to work weekends. Some Saturdays and Sundays, I’d send emails, make site changes and be noticeably busy.

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We sold Admincredible to Watchful

admincredible adamI’ve known Vic Drover for a long time now.

We started talking when he launched one of the first ever commercial GPL businesses back in 2007.

The next year, we did a Joomla class together in Las Vegas and then were two of the speakers at the first ever CMSExpo in Chicago.

We’ve keep talking almost every week since.

The summer, we reached a fork in the road with Admincredible. Members of our team were getting really busy in other areas of their life and at the same time the Admincredible platform needed a substantial extra investment to go where we wanted to take it.

We decided to look into selling. We had interested from hosting companies and development companies, but the best fit was Vic and his Watchful platform. Not only was the offer from Vic, but Watchful offers almost exactly the same service as Admincredible, so it was the smoothest transition for our customers.

Thanks to TJ and Eddie for taking the Admincredible ride with me. Thanks to our customers for taking it with us and thanks Vic for taking on it from here.

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Any good CRMs or ERPs for Online Businesses?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get a better handle on our business over at Since the launch early last years, things have been growing faster than my ability to analyze and understand it.

It’s been a pretty sobering experience so far and I ended up experiencing some pretty eye-opening problems with all the tools out there?

First, I realised once and for all that the major payment gateways are really living in the 1990s when it comes to their websites. We use PayPal and  for payments and “wow!”, they do not make it easy to do any analysis. GaragePay helped us to get the data into a usable format from PayPal (thanks to Kyle from PixelPraise for that suggestion) but I’ve not found a good tool yet for Authorize.

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Why We Always Give Refunds

This might be the most expensive blog post I’ve ever written, but here goes …

This week I was talking to a developer who sells open source products and their attitude was that they fight even single customer refund request..

I was pretty shocked – we always, always give refunds. Over at Open Source Training you can get a full refund at any point during your membership  – any point, even 5 months and 30 days into a 6 month membership.

I told the developer that we’d write up a list of our reasons to see if he was convinced:

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3 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer

Building an online reputation begins with your website. It is the first place people go to “check you out,” even if you have been highly recommended by clients or peers.  So, crafting an effective and powerful message in conjunction with an aesthetically pleasing site, a well-organized site and one with a clear call to action sometimes means hiring a good writer.

There are a bunch of reasons to hire a good content writer, but I will only mention the three I think are most pertinent to web site progress.

  1. You hate to write!  That’s a no brainer in my opinion.
  2. Your website project has come to a screeching halt!  Your web developer has told you that he/she cannot move forward without your content and you don’t have time to deal with that right now.
  3. You have run out of creative ideas! If you are working solo – this just happens unless you have collaborative partners.

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Bigger than Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla


Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day decisions. Not just resolving problems with a particular client, or a bug just won’t get fixed. Not even whether you should be focusing on Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or something else entirely.

There are much bigger trends and decisions to make. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve already made a very smart career choice … building an Internet business.  It’s sad but I’m reminded why every time I leave the office.

We live in North Georgia, less than an hour’s drive from Atlanta. It’s a fairly prosperous area but I was able to take these photos along one small stretch of road just outside the town center. I could have kept driving and snapping all day, but you get the bigger picture … this recession is absolutely killing bricks-and-mortar business models. Even if it doesn’t feel like it every day, and even if you’ve made a few mistakes, the chances are you answered the big question correctly:

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Lifestyle Businesses or Why I Quit Web Design

There’s a Japanese show that moved to the BBC as “Dragon’s Den” and is in the U.S. now as “Shark Tank”. The format is simple: one business owner stands in front of five millionaires and tries to get investment in their company.

I watched two episodes of the BBC version last week and one phrase kept getting repeated “lifestyle business”. This meant:

  • Started primarily because the founder enjoyed doing what they’re doing
  • Depend largely on the skills of one person, with a few possible hangers-on.
  • Are difficult to scale in income or quantity.

Needless to say, they didn’t get investment. The more I listened, the more it sounded like the situation I was in a couple of years ago.

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Thoughts From Two Weeks Away

Joomla BLog

In the last two weeks I’ve been in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, New York and even Alaska. Just one more short trip to Charlotte and Nashville left.

The trip taught me something. For two weeks I kept in touch via email and cellphone but had no time for three things I’d been using every day. Two of them I really missed, the other … not so much.

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Come to CMS Expo to Get Ahead Of the Curve On Joomla

Denver Joomla Expo

This is a guest blog post by by John Coonen from the CMS Association.

Silver Lining: Will Recession Sober People Up to the Value of Open Source?

Denver Joomla Expo Sure, it’s a morbid thought – nobody wants a recession – but it’s a reality.?

Many in the Open Source CMS world know that while Santa will surely be on a slim-fast diet when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season, the forecast for work in the Open Source CMS arena stands a chance of (dare one say) “glad tidings” in the coming months – or at least maintaining its market share.

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5 Reasons to be Bullish on Open Source

Open Source Bullish

Open Source Bullish… or "why Open Source is like WalMart":

"The nation has two kinds of retailers these days: those bracing for a grim holiday season, and Wal-Mart … We know that Mom’s not going to cancel Christmas. We’re
committed to cutting the cost of Christmas. It’s what we do.”" (NYTimes)

I really think we’re lucky to be in the Open Source world right now. We can be the Walmart of the technology sector. As people cut back, they’re not cancelling web projects but they are looking for quality at much lower prices. Whether you’re building a business on an OS platform or if you’re a developer selling OS services, here’s 5 reasons to be bullish right now:

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