3 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer

Building an online reputation begins with your website. It is the first place people go to “check you out,” even if you have been highly recommended by clients or peers.  So, crafting an effective and powerful message in conjunction with an aesthetically pleasing site, a well-organized site and one with a clear call to action sometimes means hiring a good writer.

There are a bunch of reasons to hire a good content writer, but I will only mention the three I think are most pertinent to web site progress.

  1. You hate to write!  That’s a no brainer in my opinion.
  2. Your website project has come to a screeching halt!  Your web developer has told you that he/she cannot move forward without your content and you don’t have time to deal with that right now.
  3. You have run out of creative ideas! If you are working solo – this just happens unless you have collaborative partners.

What qualifies someone as a good content writer?

  • One that can match your voice and business style in the written word.
  • One that can help you create a vision for your overall marketing strategies.
  • One that can organize the site content so that it flows, is consistent and nails the call to action on every page.

Don’t let content hold up the launch of your website. Hire a good writer!

How to find a good content writer

You’ll need to check the quality of your writer. Have a two way interview with a potential candidate to find out if they have written for your industry or profession before. Also, if you are unsure… ask them to provide a sample page/paragraph for you based on your interview conversation. The pay varies so tremendously, unfortunately it’s hard to put a parameter around that.

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