I’ve always thought of myself as teacher.

But, as OSTraining has grown in the last several years, I’ve found myself moving into the role of a manager rather than a teacher. 

Still, the two roles have a lot in common.

One of the biggest similarities is that you really need to be careful about the behavior you model. For example, I often used to work weekends. Some Saturdays and Sundays, I’d send emails, make site changes and be noticeably busy.

I started to see that our team picked up on that and started to do the same, even though we only ask for Monday to Friday work.

So, I’ve set a rule for myself: never be seen working on the weekend.

That means no emails, no notes in our company intranet and no contact with our staff.

I still do some quiet weekend work, such as book writing. But, if it results in me needing anything from our team, I’ll make a note and send it on Monday,

At it’s heart, our company is a tool to help us lead a good life.

And a good life doesn’t involve the pressure to work long hours, even that pressure is unspoken.

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