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Joomla Usability Project Starts to Roll

A few weeks back I made a deliberately provocative post entitled “Even WordPress Usability Sucks” and ended with the suggestion that Joomla form a Usability team. It looks like one is starting to roll.

Congrats to Kyle from Joomlapraise, Chris from JoomlaJunkie and the others in the Joomla UX group on for getting this started. Here’s how you can help:

1) Join the group and get involved.

2) Reply to Kyle’s post today with an initial set of areas to work on.

3) Check out Marco Barbosa’s Minima template. He’s been working in this area for several months now and trying to imagine what the Joomla 1.7 admin area might look like. You can test his prototype at: Login with demo / demo. Leave feedback here.

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Recap of CMS Expo 2010


cmsExpo-Logo150This was the third year of the CMS Expo in Chicago and it took another leap forward. Rather than getting lost in downtown or suburban Chicago they’ve moved to the suburb of Evanston, right on the lake and next to Northwestern University. It’s a good fit for a conference of 300 to 400 people.

Was it worth going? Absolutely. I’ve only missed one Expo out of the four and wouldn’t make that mistake again. Here’s what stood out to me this year:

  • More Drupal and other CMSs. Although the people and sponsors were at least 50% Joomla, this was the first time that it became a true CMS event. Drupal was there in a big way. WordPress were disappointingly absent as their Wordcamp San Francisio coincided with the event, but a host of other smaller CMSs attended.
  • Cloud, cloud, cloud. We had the sponsors’ booth next to Acquia and I couldn’t help but notice that they promoted Drupal Gardens almost to the exclusion of their other products. I’m not sure whether that’s because they thought it was the best fit for this audience, but it was hard to avoid the cloud everywhere I went. CloudAccess were getting ready to launch and lots of other companies had cloud-hosting products.
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New Product in the Joomla Shop: the Joola-Hoop

michelle obama

michelle obama

The Joomla team is happy to announce that they’re moving beyond T-shirts, hoodies and bags.

They’ve decided that the Joomla community needs a sexier and more athletic way to show their love for Joomla.

So say hello to the “Joola-Hoop”.

Joomla has even been lucky enough to launch with a famous celebrity endorsement with Michelle Obama doing the Joola-Hoop dance on the White House lawn.

Oh, and for you male geeks who aren’t sure if this product is right for you, we’ve been able to combine all your favorite things in just one irresistible photo:


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A Proposal to Move Joomla Forward

This is a post that’s been lying around in various forms as a draft for over a year. I’ve dusted it off and decided to publish after the series of announcements made by the Joomla team over Christmas.

The announcements were about decisions concerning the Joomla Extensions Directory where I’m an editor. The decisions were to remove extensions that were for Joomla 1.0 only, weren’t licensed under the GPL or violated Joomla’s trademark.

Over the holidays, I’ve been talking closely with people who agree with the decisions and those who don’t. There are a good number of people on both sides. After listening carefully, I’d like to make several proposals in order to help us move forward effectively.

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H1 Tags in Joomla Templates

Joomla h1 headings

Joomla h1 headingsAre h1 tags any use? At last as far as SEO experts go, there’s a lot of disagreement:

Russ Jones: “In my opinion, the second most important HTML tag available.”

Todd Malicoat: “I can’t imagine h1 tags having very much weight anymore – they’re good practice for coding valid CSS, and seperating form from function. Good to use, but not a whole lot of value on their own.”

Jill Whalen: “Keywords H tags in and of themselves don’t seem to really matter as my tests have shown that positions don’t seem to change whether the headline is wrapped in an H tag or not.”

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Joomla Code Commits vs Drupal and WordPress


Someone mentioned to me this week that they were worried about Joomla because not much work was being done on the project’s code.

To reassure them I headed over to which keeps useful data on the amount of work done on open source projects. What I found was that work on Joomla proceeds very differently from both Drupal and WordPress:

  • Where as those projects are built incrementally with small changes, Joomla has great bursts of energy followed by relatively quiet periods. We’re just on of those plateaus now as the project gets ready for Joomla 1.6.
  • Joomla has had over four times more code contributions than it’s rivals, in a much shorter period of time.

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Official Support Will End for Joomla 1.0


Joomla LogoOfficial support for Joomla 1.0 will end in 281 days. That announcement was made by Wilco Jansen on July 22, 2009 will be the two year anniversary of the first Joomla 1.5 release, and it seems an appropriate day to move forward.

I’m sure this is a popular decision within the Joomla team and also with third-party devs who can concentrate on developing for just one version. Mathias from JoomlaTools was one person pushing for this to happen.

It’s probably less popular with the thousands of people who still use Joomla 1.0. However, there’s no reason to get worried. Personally I’ve made so many hacks and modifications to that we’ll probably never upgrade. We build all our new websites with 1.5, but see no reason to upgrade existing installations. You can expect several Joomla developers to fill the gap of providing 1.0 support while the core team keeps pushing ahead.

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Happy Third Birthday Joomla!

Happy Third Birthday Joomla!

Happy Third Birthday Joomla!Happy Birthday Joomla!

September 1st is the project’s 3rd birthday. You can read the original announcement from 2005 here.

Only 10 days previously the domain name had been registered alongside several other alternatives that the team were considering.

How far has the project come? We’re now reaching the point where a several percent of all the sites on the web are built with Open Source Content Management Systems. At the beginning of 2004, our industry barely existed:

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Joomla Trademarks Name and Logo

Drupal Wordpress Joomla

Drupal WordPress JoomlaThere are some third rails in every community … things that people are reluctant to discuss. Joomla’s move to a GPL license was one of those, and I think we did a reasonable job of openly talking about the issues and implications.

This week, I’m going to attempt to touch another third rail: Joomla’s trademark.

Today, Joomla’s trademarks for its name and logo were accepted and published. This week, I’ll attempt to answer questions about what this means for Joomla and for people running Joomla sites. This first post lays out facts about the trademarks:

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