Joomla SEO eBook

This is the only SEO eBook written specifically for Joomla!

The point of this book is to get down and dirty with managing Search Engine Optimization on your Joomla! website. Joomla! is the Ferrari of Content Management Systems. It is wonderfully powerful and it allows you to create large amounts of search engine friendly content in a short period of time.

However, just like a Ferrari, it is easy to spin out of control with Joomla. This book will give you the tools and skills to keep your website on the road to search engine success.

Having Search Engine troubles with your Joomla! website?

The advice in this book is taken directly from our experience with clients in the field. We have worked on Search Engine Optimization for over 50 Joomla! sites, including some of the biggest names in the Joomla! world as well as companies in many, many different industries.

This book is a summary of many, many hard-earned tips and tricks we’ve perfected after troubleshooting and ranking so many Joomla! sites.

The book is available as part of the Joomla SEO Club!


The Joomla! SEO eBook is available for immediately with club membership!


What’s in the eBook?

This eBook covers every aspect of setting up and optimizing your Joomla site to rank well in Google, Yahoo and MSN:


  • Introduction

    Brief explanation of the SEO eBook.
  • Hosting and Domain Setup

    How to make sure you build your site on the correct hosting and domain setup.
  • Site Architecture

    How to arrange the pages on your site so that they can be easily crawled.
  • Metadata

    How to improve the metadata and headline tags on your site.
  • SEF URLs

    How to change Joomla’s long URLs into something short, memorable and attractive to search engines.
  • Duplicate Content

    How to avoid having multiple copies of your content indexed by search engines.
  • Indexed Pages

    How to control the pages from your site that search engines index.
  • Sitemaps

    How to add and utilize automatic sitemaps to your site.
  • RSS Feeds

    How to add RSS Feeds to your Joomla site.
  • Templates

    How to find a search-engine friendly template.
  • Blogging

    How to set up a successful blog on your Joomla site.
  • Linking

    How to handle links to and from your site.
  • Site Speed

    How to make your Joomla site run as quickly as possible.
  • Analytics

    How to analyse and track visitors to your Joomla site.
  • Virtuemart

    SEO tips for your Virtuemart site.
  • Case Studies

    Real-life examples of improvements we’ve made to clients’ websites.

The book is available as part of the Joomla SEO Club!


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