Fifty Joomla Classes and Special Student Bonuses

Fifty Joomla ClassesTime moves quickly. We did our first Joomla class in June 2008 and little more than a year later we’re approaching class number 50.

Our 49th class is in Phoenix this Friday and then the big #50 will be our beginner class in Atlanta next week. To celebrate, Christmas is coming early to our students in that 50th class. We’ve arranged for a huge bag of Joomla goodies.

If you can’t make it to Atlanta, don’t worry. At our current rate, we’ll reach class #100 around Christmas time and we’ll make sure the bonus bag for that class is even bigger and better! Here are the bonuses for our 50th class students:

1) Joomla Content Editor has clearly the best WYSIWYG Editor for Joomla, Ryan from JCE is very kindly providing a three-month subscription to all our students. JCE is the second best-reviewed extension on the entire Joomla Extensions Directory and is the favorite editor of nearly every developer I know. The subscription will give students access to:

  • Media Manager – Upload and insert media files (flash, windows media, quicktime etc) into articles
  • Image Manager – Resize, rotate and create thumbnails for images
  • Captions Manager – Easily add stylish captions to Joomla images
  • File Manager – Insert links to files of any type with customizable descriptions that include file date, size and icon
  • Download Managers – Integration with Docman and Rokdownloads to easily link to your files

2) Joomla Praise

Joomla is a great company based in Austin, Texas that makes all sorts of revolutionary extensions for Joomla. The students will get a following goodies:

  • JP SuperBundle which is probably the best deal in the Joomla world today. It makes me sick to think of all the good stuff in this bundle: 20 templates, 10 extensions and huge number of discount coupons.
  • AdminPraise2 which is a completely redesigned template for the administrator area of your Joomla site. It is completely customizeable and adds lots of neat touches such as icon dock and auser activity stream. We reviewed it here.
  • ProjectFork which is a Project Management extension for Joomla. Imagine BasecampHQ inside your Joomla site! The reviews of this on the JED are outstanding.

3) Ninja Forge is a talented team of developers stretched out all over the world. They have over 80 extensions available and are working on a great new forum for Joomla called Ninjaboard. Students will get all these tools:

  • Ninja Accordion: Allows you to create a dynamic, accordion style menu.
  • Ninja Showcase: Create tabbed areas in your Joomla content.
  • Ninja Site Style: This one does so much, you’ll just have to read the documentation!
  • Ninja Content: Users can not only submit content to your site, but they can also edit, publish, unpublish and delete their content.
  • Ninja Super Sifr: Easily add stylish fonts to Joomla site.
  • Ninja Zemanta: Provides a slick integration with to improve your blogging

4) Breeze Template

Breeze Joomla TemplateAnd finally, we’ll throw in a full-color pack of our new, super-easy Joomla template called Breeze.

It’s named “Breeze” because it’s so speedy and lightweight and because installing is a “breeze”. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Install Joomla
  2. Upload Breeze
  3. Upload your logo
  4. Enjoy your template! It’s that easy!

Besides all the simplicity, this also a ridiculously fast template. Depending on how it?s configured, it can use as little as 4 HTTP requests and 15kb between CSS, graphics, and HTML

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