Relaunches With Joomla

This is probably the most satisfying post I’ve written in the three years of this blog … this weekend we relaunched using Joomla.


LakeLanier.comThe site has been a labor of love. We live on the lake and I can see the water out the window while typing this post.

The launch also marks the end of a long process. The site had only one previous owner and he’d run it for around 15 years, having registered the name back in the mid-1990s. It took around 18 months to go through the sale process and then another several months to build out the site on evenings and weekends.

About Lake Lanier

The lake is an hour north of Atlanta and its really a beautiful part of North Georgia if you ever get the chance to visit. The Olympic rowing events were held in here in 1996 and the Superbowl of fishing, the Forrest Wood Cup, will be here next year.

About the New Joomla Site

Here’s a rundown of the main extensions we relied upon:

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