New Joomla Books Website

New Joomla Books WebsiteWe’ve written our own Joomla Book about Search Engine Optimization and thought it would be useful to have one site where people could find every book written about Joomla! 

So, today we’ve rolled out Joomla Books. We’ve managed to uncover 13 English language books about everything from the most basic features of Joomla to building your own extensions and templates:

Have We Missed Any Books?

Feel free to leave a comment below or to email us at [email protected].


A Little Note About the Domain Name

Yes, yes … is a pretty obvious name for a site about Joomla books…

However, over the last year Google has become placing more and more weight on the actual domain name. Think of the most prominent Joomla template developers and see how many you can find them on Google’s first page. Now do the same for Joomla Extensions and you’ll see what I mean. The largest companies rarely appear. Keywords in the domain name appear to matter more than links, traffic, age and almost every other factor.

If you’re thinking about entering a narrow niche, you’ll give yourself a big headstart by using your exact target words in the domain name.

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