1 Great Post Beats 100 Mediocre Posts

topblogposts.pngYou may have noticed that I’ve been blogging less lately. There’s probably a dozen reasons for that (family visiting from England, new projects, running the SEO Club, the hot summer making my brain tired) but theres been one stand-out … I just haven’t come across many things I really, really had to post.

Backing Up My Laziness With Statistics

I really believe that you need a different strategy when you are launching a blog and after you’re established. Quantity counts when you’re starting, but once you have traction, its quality that makes the difference.

Three blog posts get nearly 12% of all the traffic to this site. So, despite posting around 300 times, three of the posts are more popular than the blog itself! Judging by these stats, 1 great post beats 100 mediocre posts. These are the three top performers with their percentage of all unique visits:

Over to you … do you have an outstanding article that brings in a high percentage of your site’s visitors?

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