10 Reasons to Love .info Domains

  1. .info Registry Logoinfo is a keyword which makes it great for SEO. If you consider people searching for golf, you have a good number of people searching for "golf info" but no-one would ever consider looking for "golf net", "golf org" or "golf biz".
  2. Its still possible to pick up great domains. While .com, .net and .org and covered by the large firms who make it impossible for small fry to pick up valuable dropping domains, there are still .info gems that can still be caught by people like you and me. In the last month, we’ve picked up major cities and lakes in the state of Georgia including lakelanier.info and johnscreek.info.
  3. They cost about 80 cents! What else can you buy now thats of any value for less than a dollar? You can get 8 .infos for the price of 1 .com.
  4. There are major info domains in use, often in the area of tourism, for which its perfectly suited. Try Spain.info, Peru.info, Norway.info, Germany.info, Austria.info, Amsterdam.info, Cancun.info, Bratislava.info and many, many more.
  5. The extension is perfect for history and education sites. Whereas .com, .net, .org, .biz and the others have been shoehorned into use for general information sites, nothing fits as perfectly as .info. See webhosting.info, chomsky.info, pinyin.info and watergate.info for starters.
  6. It works in multiple languages. Every major Western European language has a word beginning with "info…" that mean "information".
  7. Its a global extension. Unlike a .us, .co.uk or .de, a .info domain can brand your site worldwide.
  8. It can complement a company’s main site. Quite a lot of companies are now using their .com to serve as their main selling platform and .info as the main resource for stock market and investor information.
  9. .info led the way in International Domain Names. Long before .com and .net allowed people to register domains in more than just the Roman Alphabet, .infos could be registered in multiple Scandanavian, East European and Asian languages.
  10. Did I mention they cost 80 cents? Ok … reason #10 is that .info is actually used more than the other TLDs that were introduced at the same time in 2001. Where as .biz, .aero, .coop and other disasters have fallen by the wayside, info is still going strong with 1.6 million domains in use according to Wikipedia. Thats pretty good when you consider that 70% of .com domains registered every year never get used.
  11. Ok – we’ll have a #11 as a bonus. They are starting to sell well too! 2007 saw sales such as NewYork.info for $46,392, Credit.info for $36,000, Casino.info for $35,127 and Camping.info for $28,100.

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