Church Forgets to Renew Domain Name and Gets Nasty Surprise

There was bad news for one New England Church this week as they learned they’d forgotten to renew their domain name. To make things worse, the name was purchased by people with something very different than Bibles on their mind.

Although the article tries hard not to mention it, the old website address seem to have been found by the readers at Digg. For obvious reasons I won’t post it here.

So what can you use to make sure you keep track of your domains? I’m sure many of you have domains spread across multiple registrars after seeing a special offers here and there. Its not unusual for people to call us up and admit that they’ve forgotten WHERE they registered their domain, let alone when it expires. We used to do the same thing ourselves.

How do we keep track of our domain names now? 

  • We use "Domain Punch Pro" to keep details on all our domains and those of our clients. We really haven’t had any domain registration problems since buying it and its also helped notify us when several great domains that have dropped.

  • One innovative domain registrar is Their software allows you to track all your domains across all registrars.

  • We register all important domain names for at least three years. Not only does this provide increased security, but it provides a boost in search engine rankings. Google likes to see sites where the owner has made a long-term commitment.

  • Finally, for those of you serious about looking after multiple domain names, you can always become a reseller. Our site, is affiliated with Not only do we get cheap domain registrations but we can add registrar locks on to valuable domains and easily search through expiry dates. One added advantage is that our clients can register their domains in a place thats very simple for us to manage. The downside is that although you can get started with a refundable deposit of $199, you need to put down $499 to start getting the big discounts.

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