Joomla Extension of the Month – July 07

July Extension of the MonthThis month’s award goes to one of the best Joomla extensions and one that is almost certainly the most under-appreciated.

JACLPlus is a hack that allows you to create an unlimited number of new user groups and give them fine-grained access to different content areas on your Joomla site. It works with a few extra components such as Docman and Repository, but by-and-large it is a solution for improving user access to the core of Joomla. Instead of simply restricting people according to "public" or "registered", you can now create user levels of a complexity that rivals

Why is JACLPlus not currently given the credit it deserves?

  1. Installation. Over the years it seems to have acquired a reputation for being a somewhat difficult hack to apply and to an extent that used to be true. However, are charging ahead with development and installation on most sites is a breeze (be warned – as with anything, test this on a demo site before going live).
  2. Marketing. Its admittedly poor. They don’t have a logo or any slick 3D box images. Oh, and guys, you make a great product but the colors on your website make my eyes scream for mercy. Please soften the palette a little.

Our experience is that neither of these things is a genuine issue. JACL Plus is also a really stable product. We’ve clients using JACL Plus to manage 1000s of users generating over 10,000 hits per day. Its a great product and a worth Extension of the Month for July.

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