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In this section you can read Alledia blog posts awarding the Joomla “Extension of the Month” prize.

Joomla Extension of the Month – February 08

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08Our Extension of the Month for 2008 is a very worthy winner, because it overcomes several important limitations in Joomla’s core. Joomla’s default search component has several issues:

  • You can’t enter a query of more than 20 characters
  • You can’t search only in one part of the site (for example content, forum, comments)
  • Its hard to customize so that results appear in the order you desire

The new "Advanced Search" from anything-digital.net solves all those issues.
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Joomla Extension of the Month – December 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Joomla Extension of the Month - December 07Today is the return of our "Joomla Extension of the Month" award! It ran for nearly a year but took a break during the summer when I wasn’t really getting excited about any of the new components being released.

Fortunately that has changed in recent weeks and there have been several great new Joomla extensions. First up for the revived award is Mass Content from Webtotalservice.no.

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Joomla Extension of the Month – July 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

July Extension of the MonthThis month’s award goes to one of the best Joomla extensions and one that is almost certainly the most under-appreciated.

JACLPlus is a hack that allows you to create an unlimited number of new user groups and give them fine-grained access to different content areas on your Joomla site. It works with a few extra components such as Docman and Repository, but by-and-large it is a solution for improving user access to the core of Joomla. Instead of simply restricting people according to "public" or "registered", you can now create user levels of a complexity that rivals

Why is JACLPlus not currently given the credit it deserves?

  1. Installation. Over the years it seems to have acquired a reputation for being a somewhat difficult hack to apply and to an extent that used to be true. However, Byostech.com are charging ahead with development and installation on most sites is a breeze (be warned – as with anything, test this on a demo site before going live).
  2. Marketing. Its admittedly poor. They don’t have a logo or any slick 3D box images. Oh, and guys, you make a great product but the colors on your website make my eyes scream for mercy. Please soften the palette a little.

Our experience is that neither of these things is a genuine issue. JACL Plus is also a really stable product. We’ve clients using JACL Plus to manage 1000s of users generating over 10,000 hits per day. Its a great product and a worth Extension of the Month for July.

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Joomla Extension of the Month – April 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Joomla Extension of the MonthAs popular as Joomla is, its surprising how many gaps remain to be filled when it comes to having an extension to cover the needs of most normal websites.

We’re still searching for a decent jobboard, advertisment management and customer support component among other things. Until recently, we also lacked a good portfolio component. A quick browse around the Joomla world show that most designers have just been putting their site showcases inside of content items.

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Joomla Extension of the Month – March 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Working with Joomla SEO on a daily basis, I’ve been through every SEO tool available. There’s only one that has proved to be indispensible – the Joomla Search Engine Optimisation Patch from Joomlatwork.com.

What does it allow you to do?


  • Have complete control over page metatitles
  • Control whether Google takes a snippet from your page for the results page
  • Easily add "follow" or "nofollow" links to individual pages
  • Add custom meta fields
  • Disable the Joomla meta generator tag

All of these are key factors in giving your site a ranking boost. JPromoter from JoomlaEquipment.com does similar things. The disadvantage there is that you need to run a scan every time you add new content, although it has a major benefit in that unlike Joomlatwork, you don’t need to modify core files.

The basic version is free and the expanded verion a mere 8 Euros. Great work Joomlatwork!

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Joomla Extension of the Month – January 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Extension of the MonthOur first choice for extension of the month in 2007 is the Run-Digital RSS Feed Manager.

We love to pick extensions that are free, user-friendly and that we use ourselves on key sites. The RD RSS Feed Manager fits all those criteria. It is free to download from their site, simple to use and we utilize it to create multiple RSS Feeds on Alledia.com and for important clients. 

After installation, you need only click "New", choose which areas of your site you wish to include in a particular RSS Feed, and click "Save". You’re done. You’ll have an RSS link that will look something like this:


If you want to make the URL more manageable you can register with a site such as Feedburner.com and they will allow you to produce a feed that looks like: http://feeds.feedburner.com/alledia

Works great. Works easy. Works for free! Congratulations to Run-Digital

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Joomla Extension of the Month – February 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Joomla Extension of the MonthA few weeks back we asked the question, "How do you backup your sites?"

Copying the database is easy, with the help of the Jombackup Daily MySQL Backup Bot but safely backing up and restoring the files has always been much more difficult.

We’ve tried every component available without finding one that works satisfactorily – until now. Joomla! Pack is a simple upload-and-click component from Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos. What we particularly like about it is that it comes with an installer which makes moving or reinstalling sites from backup very easy indeed.


A very worthy Extension of the Month!



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Joomla Extension of the Month – December 06

Joomla Extension of the Month - February 08

Joomla Extension PrizeEvery month we try to dig out a Joomla! addon that:

  • can be really useful to people in the day-to-day running of the site
  • has been overlooked compared to more popular extensions
  • is free!

Our last two prizes have gone to mambots that successfully did jobs that are often done by much larger extensions (backing up the database and collecting RSS Feeds). This month the "Extension of the Month" is also given to a script that simplifies a difficult task – making forms. The winner is PerForms.


I don't expect everyone to agree with me on this, but it really is the successor to the last simple and effective Joomla forms component, which was AkoForms. 


With PerForms, we know that we can sit down with a client and get them creating and publishing their own forms inside of 30 minutes. We've tried to do the same thing with FacileForms, Phil-a-Form and there really is no comparison. Both of those extensions work, but they sure do take work (if you know what I mean!).


PerForms: easy, stable and now, a winner!  Click here to download it.


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