Joomla Extension of the Month – June 07

Joomla Extension of the Month - June 07Joomla had a problem. It used to be a Content Management System with very rigid content management. Section >> Content >> Article. That was it. No flexibility. No way to change that default heirarchy.? And then, all of a sudden, almost without anyone noticing, the problem was solved.

Deep Pockets is brilliant, powerful and very simple to use. Oh, and its free under the GPL.

Its a component that allows you to create a nested category structure of unlimited depth. It also gives you the ability to connect any of your regular sections, categories, and articles inside any Deep Pockets category – and then you get to choose a layout sub-template to display your content.

This kind of flexibility is similar in some respects to Drupal’s node system. Imagine each category in your Joomla site having a different layout. Imagine being able to arrange your content in the most logical heirarchy, rather than just the one that fits into Joomla. Deep Pockets makes all of that possible and more. A very worth Extension of the Month.


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