Joomla Extension of the Month – March 07

Working with Joomla SEO on a daily basis, I’ve been through every SEO tool available. There’s only one that has proved to be indispensible – the Joomla Search Engine Optimisation Patch from

What does it allow you to do?


  • Have complete control over page metatitles
  • Control whether Google takes a snippet from your page for the results page
  • Easily add "follow" or "nofollow" links to individual pages
  • Add custom meta fields
  • Disable the Joomla meta generator tag

All of these are key factors in giving your site a ranking boost. JPromoter from does similar things. The disadvantage there is that you need to run a scan every time you add new content, although it has a major benefit in that unlike Joomlatwork, you don’t need to modify core files.

The basic version is free and the expanded verion a mere 8 Euros. Great work Joomlatwork!

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