A Very Happy 6th Birthday and Version 5.0 to Drupal

There’s been a very gratifying exchange of support and kinds words between the Drupal and Joomla communities during the last few days.


It started with the announcement of the release of Drupal 5.0 on Drupal’s 6th birthday. That news made  a big splash, reaching the frontpage of Digg and several other technology news sites.


The Joomla developers responded with a big "Congratulations!",  a response that was greated warmly at the Drupal forums.


In that same spirit, we offer a brief comparison, showing that Drupal and Joomla have a lot more in common than may people realise:


{moschart id=9}


Theres an even a website online dedicated to teaching kids about the special relationship between the Netherlands and Australia


In all serious, we wish to add our congratulations to those already received by the Drupal community. We hope Drupal and Joomla communities will continue to learn from each other and grow. Its clear to see that this is happening in the latest versions of both:


  • With 5.0, Drupal goes along way to emulating Joomla’s sucess in being user-friendly. It now has a web-based installer and an administration panel clearly separate from the site’s menus. This release of 5.0 alone has generated almost twice as much traffic as Drupal.org has ever had before.
  • With 1.5, Joomla goes along way to improving its framework and catching up with Drupal in terms of producing compliant, developer-friendly code.



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