Drupal Looking for New Revenue Sources

Fascinating to see Drupal considering different ways to raise money for their project. It seems that every successful Open Source project ends up asking the same question: “How can we get the resources to keep growing and improve our standards?”

Some Drupal community members are already raising pertinent questions in the forum so it will fascinating to see how this plays out:

  • Drupal Association membership pricing survey. The Drupal Association is working to set up a membership program. The goal is to design a open, fair, and effective way for individuals and companies to financially support the Drupal community directly and get benefits from the Drupal project in return.
  • Drupal.org advertising proposals requested. In 2006, Drupal.org traffic increased 250%. In order to prepare for future growth of Drupal.org and the needs of the Drupal community the Drupal Association is looking into starting a paid advertising program. We believe that paid advertising that is relevant to the needs of Drupal administrators, Drupal users, and the Drupal community can be placed in relevant sections of Drupal.org and help the Drupal community greatly by funding improvements and infrastructure for Drupal.org websites.

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