Joomla and Drupal – Which One is Right for You? Version 2

Drupal or Joomla?Back in December 2006, we wrote the first comprehensive comparison of Drupal and Joomla. Over the next three years both projects have changed substantially, but the popularity of the original post hasn’t. Its been viewed nearly half-a-million times and still accounts for between 10 and 20% of our page visits every month. People really want an honest acknowledgement of the differences between the two.

We originally compared Joomla 1.0 and Drupal 4. We’re now at Joomla 1.5 and Drupal 6. It’s long since past time to update the comparison. It’s also a good time because, after nearly three years buried in Joomla, I’ve spent the last three months returning to and re-examining Drupal and in preparation for teaching it.

In re-doing this chart I found that both projects have moved forward but neither has really changed its essential character:

  • Joomla is still more user-friendly with a more active developer and designer community.
  • Drupal is still more flexible and developer-friendly with a more coherent and stable community.

This chart was initially written for a client who wanted to make a rational business decision as to which was right for him. Please read it in the same way. Neither one is better than the other, but each one is better for different purposes.

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