Why Do I Blog?

I’ve just been tagged by my friend Scott Fish over at FishSEO.com.

The question is, “Why Do I Blog?”

Its a simple question, and deserves a simple answer. Blogging helps me deal more successfully with three groups of people:

1) Clients

  • Blogs help attract higher-value clients. Customers who choose to work with you based on your blog posts are often interested in your ideas and strategies, rather than the simple performance of coding or a design taks.
  • Blogs are great for SEO, which helps bring in visitors.

2) Colleagues

  • Blogs help break the ice with a lot of wise people. I’ve had the chance to interview a lot of folk in the Joomla world. Because Joomla is so new, everyone comes from a different, interesting background. Computer Scientists, Musicians, Therapists, Teachers, Students, Authors …. you name it, you’ll meet them by talking about shared interests.
  • Blogs encorage collaboration. After reviewing other peoples software, I’ve often had the chance to talk with the developers who’ve corrected me on various points, told me what their future plans are, and talked about ideas for shared projects.

3) Myself

  • Blogs make you justify your views. I often start writing a blog post with one opinion, do the research to back up that idea, and then end up realising that the complete opposite is true. People enjoy calling out bloggers who post wrong-headed ideas and each post needs careful thought. Look out for a couple of posts next week that are particularly counter-intuitive!
  • Blogs clarify ideas. The brain is often a wishy-washy creature. Writing is like a filter for the brain – most of the extra, useless stuff falls away.

Time to pass it on…. why do you blog, guys?


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