The Ghost Foundation is Moving to Singapore

Today the Ghost Foundation announced that it is moving to Singapore.

This is a very unusual move in the world of open source. Here are the headquarters of some other major software foundations:

How unusual? Here are the headquarters of some other major software foundations: 

  • Mozilla: California, USA
  • Drupal Association: Oregon, USA
  • WordPress Foundation: California, USA
  • GNOME Foundation: California, USA
  • Linux Foundation: San Francisco, USA
  • OpenID Foundation: Oregon, USA
  • Apache Foundation: Michigan, USA
  • Open Source Matters (Joomla): New York, USA
  • Python Association: Delaware, USA
  • Django Software Foundation: Kansas, USA
  • NetBSD Foundation: Delaware, USA
  • Zope Foundation: Texas, USA
  • Perl Foundation: Michigan, USA
  • Eclipse Foundation: Ottawa, Canada
  • OpenBSD Foundation: Canada
  • Document Foundation: Berlin, Germany

Notice that only a single foundation is based outside of North America.

Why is this a problem? Open Source projects are stubbornly US-centric. What does it say about open source that almost all the successful projects are run from such a small corner of the world?

Congrats to the Ghost Foundation, which is young and can pivot easily, for making such an interesting move.

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