Major GPL Series All Next Week

GPL WeekWe’re pleased to announce a series of interviews focusing on Joomla and the GPL.

Every day next week we’ll be talking with a Joomla developer who works with a commercial GPL business model. Five developers have taken the time to discuss their business and their experience building subscription and support-based projects.

Why are we interviewing people working with commercial GPL models? Because only a small number of people currently have experience with selling Joomla extensions under the GPL. Those developers have a wealth of useful experience that has yet to be tapped. Several have remained quiet during the GPL discussions.

Will you also interview five people with non-GPL models? No. Not because of any bias, but because I believe that the current development model is well understood. The commercial GPL model is still largely unclear to many:

  • Can it support a full-time developer?
  • Can it allow a company to grow and hire staff?
  • How long does it take to build a successful subscription-based site?

Will these interviews be pro-GPL propaganda? No. There will be food for both sides in the interviews. Not all of the developers agree with the core’s decision. However, its important that their voices are heard and hopefully their opinions will help people discuss the issue with more evidence at hand.

We look forward to seeing you back here next week.

Update: links to the interviews are below

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