The Power of Twitter and User Feedback

Joomla SurveyWow, I’ve finally realised how much Twitter is taking over. This morning’s post on the “Top Ten Things To Explain To Joomla Learners” created a lot of comments and feedback, but it was all on Twitter. Actually leaving a comment on the post seems suddenly to be out-of-date. With this trend, it can’t be long before Tweetbacks start appearing on Joomla as well as WordPress.

Real-Life Joomla Feedback

Anyway, all this morning’s comments gave me an idea. There are dozens of Joomla companies out there dealing with 100s of suppor tickets every day, many of them the same issues time and time again. At least a couple of those companies have mentioned that they’ve got a large amount of data on where Joomla’s usability problems are.

I wonder if we could get Joomla companies together and produce a survey of where the pain is for Joomla users, actually using real data from the field. It might help improve Joomla’s UI and it might save those companies a lot of support tickets. What do you reckon?

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