Best List of Joomla Day Speakers Ever?

joomla_day_uk_button_200x40_event_reg.png People in the U.K. are lucky. One of the best line-ups of Joomla speakers ever is going to be at Joomla Day U.K. in 2 weeks:

The Speakers

All events have their own flavor. The CMS Expos are very heavily weighted towards commercial developers. The Las Vegas Joomla Day offers both and is Joomla’s first foray for a long time into the U.S. South West. The U.K. event is full of representatives. In alphabetical order, you’ll find many if not most of the core team and other project leads:

  • Alex Kempkens – Joomla Events
  • Anthony Ferrara – Joomla core team
  • Chris Adams –, the host
  • Chris Davenport – Joomla documentation
  • Hagen Graf – Joomla author
  • Hannes Papenburg – Joomla dev team
  • Louis Landry – Joomla core team
  • Michel van Agtmaal – Open Source Support Desk
  • Peter Martin – Joomla Global Moderator
  • Ryan Demmer – JCE Editor
  • Ryan Ozimek – Open Source Matters
  • Wilco Jansen – Joomla Development Coordinator

Click here to sign up Joomla Day U.K.

Joomla Day UK Event Details

  • Price: 45 quid per day
  • Dates: 13th & 14th March
  • Location: Maidstone, Kent

Other Upcoming Joomla Events

  • March 13, Joomla Beginner Training in Washington. Our New York class has sold out, but still 5 tickets left for D.C.
  • April 3 to 5, Joomla Day Las Vegas
  • April 30 to May 1, CMS Expo in Chicago
  • May 30, Joomla Day New England

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