Joomla Day Vegas Ups the Ante


OK – you’re probably sick of Vegas analogies by now. “Raising the stakes”, “going all in”, “upping the ante” … however you describe it, Joomla Day Las Vegas is starting to look really, really good. This is the current presenter line-up and we hope to have even more big names to announce soon:

  • Rob Schley – Joomla Core Developer
  • Anthony Ferrara – Joomla Core Developer
  • Louis Landry – Joomla Core Developer
  • Wilco Jansen – Joomla Core Developer
  • Ron Severdia – Template Designer
  • Ryan Ozimek – Open Source Matters
  • Elin Waring – Open Source Matters
  • Allen Gunn – Conference Facilitator
  • Vic Drover – JCal Pro
  • Oliver Ratzesberger – Kunena (successor to Fireboard)
  • Cory Webb –
  • Chris Adams – CEO
  • Toni Marie – Joomla Extensions Directory
  • Leslie Hawthorn – Google Open Source Outreach
  • Erica Joy Baker – Google and Joomla Communications Team

Click here to register for Joomla Day Las Vegas.

Joomla Day Las Vegas Schedule

We’re going to be running one of our beginners classes before JDay Vegas to get newcomers up to speed. There’ll also be template, security and coding classes from some of Joomla’s Core Developers:

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