A Barrie Bonanza – Survey, Book and Mailing List

A whole bunch of stuff from the prolific Barrie North and the Joomlashack team over the last couple of weeks:

  • A survey of over 3,600 Joomla people, asking questions from “How long have you been using Joomla?” to “How many visitors does your site get per day?”
  • A hardcover copy of his Joomla admin manual, published via Lulu.com. Reminds me that I ought to get moving and get the Joomla SEO eBook issued in hardcover too. I believe that its a requirement to be listed on Joomla.org’s bookshelf
  • A new SEO Forum on Joomlashack.com, moderated by yours truly.
  • A new integration of Joomla with iContact (it changed names from Intellicontact a few days ago). I must admit to having become frustrated by the limitations of mailing lists inside of Joomla. Even the ones that do work well and don’t mangle designs when sending out mailings are somewhat restricted by being hosted on your own server. Sending more than about 2000 emails from a Joomla site normally involves breaking them up into small batches and waiting for 30/45 minutes as they go out.

    Another big advantage of external email solutions is the improved feedback you get about your messages. In the attached image you can see an example of how detailed the iContact data is.

    Finally, I find that when I’m paying I work a lot harder to make sure I get an email out each month 🙂


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