What’s Your Favorite Joomla Extension Discovery?

OK …. A very simple post today and a test to see how many people actually read this blog 🙂

One of my favorite things about working full-time with Joomla is that even though I spend 12 hours per day with my head buried in the software, there’s always another extension around the corner ready to do something so great that it expands what I think Joomla can do.

So, one extension per person – what’s the one Joomla extension you’ve found recently that really made you leap up and down in your chair?

Mine …. the Header Image Module. Wow! Instead of viewing the Itemid in Joomla as a something akin to athletes foot or Celine Dion, this is a great extension because it actually uses the Itemid to do something useful. Using this you can accurately place unique pictures on each page without needing to create a new module for each one. I really appreciated the way that a problem (Itemid) was turned into a positive.

Over to you…. what’s your favorite Joomla Extension discovery?

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