The Prodigy Start Fires With Joomla Joomla The Prodigy were the sound of England for much of the 1990s. For people of my age, growing up in the UK, only Oasis or perhaps Blur could claim to be as popular or as cool. My friends and I have a lot of good memories set to tunes like Firestarter, Voodoo People, No Good and Poison.

10 years later they’re still hanging around and their new site is built in Joomla. is a fairly straightforward but well-executed site that uses these extensions:

  • Jomsocial for the community
  • Jomcomment for the comments
  • RSGallery for the photos
  • Seyret for the videos

The template seems to be based on the JA-ZinC design from, but people can choose another design for the site via the “Skins” link in the top menu.

Here’s the Prodigy in their prime:

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