TimesSquare.com and Epson Both Run Joomla

TimesSquare.comGetting ready for New Years Eve? We’ve got the perfect Joomla site for you … TimesSquare.com.

The site ranks #1 in Google for “Times Square” and is a 1.0 site using JomComment, SEF Advance and Tagbot among others. The site has information on a lot more than just New Years Eve, but they do have a whole section of the simply dedicated to that night.

By the way, Times Square is a famous American location … we’ve an in-house Alledia project that will put a Joomla site on the .com domain name of another, equally famous American area. Stay tuned for the launch early next year…

Also on the Joomla radar … Epson is a huge Japanese company that makes just about any electronic device you can think of. Their Research and Development department use Joomla at erd.epson.com. Hat tip to Mathias.

Click here for other famous companies using Joomla and please feel free to drop us a line if you know of any others.

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