Adding Comments to GroupJive

Group JiveOk – time to walk the walk.

Yesterday, I praised GroupJive and said how important I though it was for the future of social networking with Joomla. I also mentioned that until this week, not enough people had been contributing.

Today, we’ll show you had to add a useful feature to GroupJive – posting comments on all group messages.

This uses Jomcomment from

Creating the Output

  • Open up components/com_groupjive/groupjive.html.php
  • Scroll down to      // create template output  (around line 276)
  • Look for  $tmpl->addVar( ‘showfullmessage’, ‘GJ_POST’, $d->post);
  • After this line add this:

        $tmpl->addVar( ‘showfullmessage’, ‘GJ_JOMCOMMENT’, jomcomment($d->id, "com_groupjive") );   

Adding the Comments to Your Template

  • Open up components/com_groupjive/templates/your-template/groupjive.tmpl
  • Scroll down to the section saying <mos:tmpl name="showfullmessage">
  • After {GJ_POST} you need to add {GJ_JOMCOMMENT}. If neccesary, add a new table row.

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