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The Best Content Versioning in Joomla


gcr_prod_boxDuring the last few weeks I’ve been working on taking our Joomla training classes online and we’ve been sending out a free weekly newsletter with Joomla tips and tricks. Last week, I decided to spend some time answering two really common questions:

  • “What happens if someone makes a mistake in an article? How can we roll back to a previous version?”
  • “We have a legal requirement to track the articles that appear on our website – how do we do that?”

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What’s Your Favorite Joomla Analogy?

Joomla Filing Cabinet

People who teach Joomla know they feeling … things have been going well, but suddenly there’s a blank look. The student’s stuck on one point. You’ve tried a few ways to explain it, but they’re not getting the big picture. You rack your brain and start, “well, Joomla’s just like a … ” and you try to dig out a comparison.

Here are my top five favorite analogies to help people grasp Joomla’s key concepts. Please feel free to post your own in the comments.

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A Simple Way to Use Internal URLs for External Links

Joomla Weblinks

Joomla WeblinksThis is the answer to a question we’ve been asked repeatedly:

I’m looking for a Joomla component that will allow me to change outbound links from direct urls into internal urls.

Essentially they’re looking to change a link from to The link still goes to the BBC, but it first goes to a url on the webmaster’s own site.

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Read More on Your Joomla Frontpage

This is a guest post from Tom Maiaroto of ExpandTheRoom. In this post he explains how to set the "Read More" on your Joomla frontpage to appear after a certain number of characters. This is useful to keep a standard appearance for your articles when you have a large number of people submitting content.

This post grew out of comment that Tom made on our original discussion about the "read more" on Joomla’s frontpage.

We welcome other guest posts. Simply login and click "Make a Guest Blog Post" in the right-hand menu.

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How to Solve Common SEO Problems with JReviews, Fireboard and MosTree


Robots.txt I’ve talked before about how having less pages indexed is often better and after doing SEO audits on several sites last week I was reminded of how important this was. Sites with only 200 or 300 genuine pages of content had over 1000 pages indexed in Google.

Lots of Joomla components produce 100s and sometimes 1000s of unnecessary extra URLs that are then indexed by Google. A simple example is Mostree which is a very robust component but because it was built in pre-Ajax days, it creates separate 4 extra pages for each listing: recommend, rate, review and report listing.

In this post we’re using JReviews, Fireboard and MosTree as examples. You can cut-and-paste the rules from this post into your robots.txt file. However, please read the "important notes" section first.

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