The One Trick Everyone Misses with the SEF Patch

Joomla SEF PatchThe SEF Patch is one of the most vital SEO component from Joomla. However, it has one really, really useful function that surprises everyone when I mention it to them.

You can easily add and edit 100s of URLs at once and access a far greater range of features.

Here’s how ….

Five Simple Steps to Access the Advanced SEF Patch Features

  1. Get a list of all the URLs you want to add metadata to. One easy way do to this is with Yahoo’s SiteExplorer. Enter your site name, or even just a part of your site, and click "Explore URL". Click "Export results to: TSV" in the top-right corner and you’ll have an Excel spreadsheet of all the URLs that Yahoo has indexed on your site.
  2. Login into your Joomla site and head over to Components >> JRE – SEF Patch Extended >> Overview URL repository.
  3. Click "Import"
  4. Dump all the URLs into that box.
  5. Head back to "Overview URL repository" and all the URLs will be ready for editing.

When Is This Useful?

Often. Lots of Joomla components don’t have good metadata control. Virtuemart, Productbook and the Gallery2 Bridge are all components we’ve used this on recently. This technique allows you to dump a large number of URLs into the SEF Patch and then edit them easily.

What Advanced Features are Available?

Take a look at the image below:

  • Single, 2 and 3 keyword suggestions.
  • Custom meta fields unique to that page author, cache and snippet settings.
  • Custom metadata unique to that page including.



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