One Thing You Must Do Before Launching a Joomla Site

There’s a lot to remember when launching a Joomla site, but theres one thing that you absolutely must do ….

What is the one thing you must do?

Delete all the sample Joomla content. Doing site reviews for the SEO Club, one of the first things I do is a simple search in Google to get a feel for the kind of pages a site has indexed. The most common problem I find is that people have dozens of default Joomla pages indexed.

People forget to remove the sample articles and sometimes even the text after the read more. A quick search for some of the "Welcome to Joomla!" text shows over 739,000 people who have forgotten to remove it. Also commonly indexed are newsfeeds and weblinks.

Why is this a problem?

  1. Its duplicate content on a large scale
  2. Its unrelated to the actual content of your site

Whats the Solution?

Either uncheck "Install Sample Data" when installing manually or:

  • Delete these before launch:
    1. All content and static content pages
    2. All newsfeed categories and items
    3. All weblinks categories and items

  • Unpublish these mambots (otherwise you’ll find a lot of clutter in the search results):
    1. Search weblinks
    2. Search contacts
    3. Search newsfeeds
    4. Search categories
    5. Search sections

>> Our Joomla SEO Club has a complete pre-launch checklist to make sure everything is right for your Joomla site launch.

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