Adding RSS Feeds to your Browser Bar with Joomla

A quick little tutorial to show how to add a little RSS button to the browser bar when people visit your site.

  1. Go to to get their RSS Feed Manager for Joomla! (Click here to get it). Install it as a component.
  2. Take the url of your RSS feed from the component and go to Sign up and register your feed. They should give you an easy to remember and customize URL. Ours is simply:
  3. Add the following code to the head of your template:

If you want different RSS Feeds available on each page you will need to copy your template and assign the copies to the right pages unless someone can come up with a clever work-around….

Thanks to Sam over at for tips with this.

On 1.5, you’ll need to turn off the default RSS feeds by going to Menus >> Main Menu >> Parameters (Advanced) >> Show a Feed Link >> No

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