– Joomla’s Vital Social Networking Component

Group JiveAm the only one who failed to notice the rebirth of a potentially very, very important Joomla component? is a Community Builder add-on that gives:

registered users the capability to create and moderate their own groups. There are currently three types of groups which can be created: Open, Private, and Invite only.

After slowly faded away last year, the project looked dormant. However, launched very quietly on December 30th, 2006, and it has the potential to make a huge splash in the Joomla world. Why is this component so useful?

  • It allows users to form and moderate their own groups is an indispsensble part of social networking that has been missing in Joomla up until now. For several of our clients, this has led them to choose Drupal (which has this functionality) over Joomla (which doesn’t).
  • Around two-thirds of the projects we deal with involve some form of social networking. I’d venture to say that figure is similar for most designers working with Joomla. I can’t imagine one of those sites that wouldn’t be improved by the ability for people to freely socialize and form groups.
  • Its 100% free and continues the great work of the folks over at

The project is still in an Alpha version, but the work so far is promising. You can register and see a demo of the groups by clicking here.

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