How to Make a 2 Level Menu with Extended Menu MenuYesterday we talked about how to create a professional-looking tree menu using Extended Menu.

Today we have a quick tutorial on how to connect two copies of Extended Menu to make a menu thats twice as good. Well, maybe not that good, but will allow you to create a neat parent-child menu. You can see an example of this menu working on

This way to doing this things has one major advantage and disadvantage compared to the more common child-parent setup that you can see on site such as

  • Advantage: The child menu links area only appears if any are published. Otherwise the menu area will neatly hide.
  • Disadvantage: This menu isn’t so dynamic. Users need to click through to see the children.

How to Link Two Menus

  1. Create the whole menu setup inside Main Menu, just as you normally would, with all the parent and child links.
  2. Upload Extended Menu and create a copy using the Module Manager.
  3. Publish both to the same module position.
  4. Use these settings in the images below.

Parent links: Click here to download the image.

Child links: Click here to download the image.

How Does This Work?

The key parameter to connect two copies of Extended Menu is "Begin With Level".  Basically, this tells the menu which level to begin with. Should it start with the top level which is 0, the child level which is 1 or the grandchild level which is 2?

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