Make Your Joomla Search More Useful

The other day I’d been doing some testing on the search features for client’s site and I came up with some interesting results. This website, based around sports, was pulling up results headed “Mambo”, “”, “”.

I checked on and the same thing was happening:


I’d forgotten something really simple … by default Joomla comes with the “Search Newsfeeds”, “Search Weblinks” and “Search Contacts” mambots published. If you never get around to deleting all the newsfeeds and weblinks, they’ll then turn up in the search results.

So, I unpublished those mambots, and also those the called “Search Sections” and “Search Categories”. I figure that people are looking for individual content items rather than general folders on a subject.

A small change, but hopefully it will speed up the search results and also make them more useful.

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