Approving Joomla Users When They Register

This tutorial is similar to last week’s in two ways: becaue it’s the answer to a question asked by a user in our support forum and also because it deals with managing people signing up on your Joomla site.

It has one important difference however … it’s much shorter! This week’s tutorial explains how to approve Joomla users when they register. You might have a school website and only want to approve parents or students. You might have a club website and only want to have members join your site. This tutorial will show you how. We’re

We’re going to use an extension called “Multilingual registration approval”. Thanks to Brian Teeman for showing me this plugin.

Installing Multilingual registration approval

  1. Go to the Multilingual registration approval page on and click “Download”. Follow through to download the file.
  2. Go to Administrator >> Extensions >> Install / Uninstall and upload the file.
  3. Go to Administrator >> Extensions >> Plugin Manager and publish the plugin.

Now whenever people register on your site they will see this message before they can login:

Joomla Registration Approval

The site administrators will get an email message that looks like the one below. You’ll be able to click on the link to approve the user. Alternatively, you can to to Administrator >> Site >> User Manager and manually approve or deny the user.

Joomla Registration Approval


Using Community Builder

In last week’s tutorial we recommend Community Builder as a free way to expand your Joomla registration form. If you are using Community Builder, it has moderation built in. To activate, go to Administrator >> Components >> Community Builder >> Configuration >> Registration and set “Require Admin Approval” to “Yes”.

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