Yannicks sh404SEF Presentation from Joomla! Day Switzerland

sh404SEFAs many of you may know, Yannick is the developer of sh404SEF perhaps the most advanced SEO extension available to Joomla.

This weekend he went to Joomla! Day Switzerland and gave a very detailed presentation about sh404SEF. He talked about the project’s history, showed how to use it, explained some little used features and unvieled some future plans.

Yannick’s Presentation

Sh404sef, Urls, Seo And More

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Quick Slide Overview

  • 1 to 8: Intro to sh404SEF
  • 9 to 11: History and statistics. sh40SEF is downloaded over 500 times per day.
  • 12 to 18: Graphical explanation of how URL rewriting works
  • 19 to 20: Why rewrite URLs?
  • 21 to 32: Simple way to get started
  • 33 to 51: Advanced features of sh404SEF
  • 52 to 56: Tips for using current special features such as table-less output and custom PDFs for each page.
  • 57 to 60: Upcoming sh404SEF improvements including tiny URLs and improved 404 handling.

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