Open Question: Artio SEF or sh404SEF?

Artio SEF and sh404SEFFor a long time now I’ve recommended sh404SEF for most Joomla sites. Recently however, theres been a long post on the SEO Club Forum with users saying how much they like Artio SEF. Some reasons they gave:

  • In Artio SEF you can search and filter SEF Urls in
    main ways such as by component which is awesome. In sh404sef, you can
    search…that’s it.
  • In Artio SEF you can edit an existing SEF Urls,
    in 404, you can edit the text, but not the link itself.
  • Artio SEF
    doesn’t have to have a specific plugin to at least attempt an SEF url
    for a component. If you have a link to an unsupported gallery component
    and your link is called "Gallery", JoomSEF will at least call that link

The two components are built on the same code base so there are a lot of similarities. Today’s open question is:

"Which do you prefer using … Artio SEF or sh404SEF?"

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