Reward Offered for Joomla Server on a Mac

Joomla and MacWe’re putting a price on the head of a really annoying problem … we’d like to rope in a Joomla desktop server for the Mac that runs as easily as servers do on the P.C..

The Goal

  • Download a package to your Mac desktop
  • Open the files
  • Click and Joomla is running

The Problem

  • We’ve been directing Mac users to use MAMP but they’ve found it confusing and additionally need to install Joomla.
  • There are servers available for the P.C. but none for the Mac. Only have come close but their last post about the project was in early 2008.

The Requirements

  • Comes with Joomla pre-installed
  • Runs from a flash drive
  • Runs on a desktop with no or minimal installation

The Reward

…. will make you happy. If you’re a developer and think you’re up to the task of getting this done, please contact us via this form.

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