Review of Heavenly Titles Module

One of Joomla’s inbuilt SEO flaws is how it handles page titles.

The titles of your Joomla page probably look like this:

<td class="contentheading" width="100%">My Page Title</td>

That makes about as much sense as wrapping up the paragraphs on your page with code like this:

<td class="paragraph" width="100%">This is my paragraph and it rambles on and on….</td>.

Whats wrong with <p> and </p>? Fortunately Joomla does use <p> and </p> but it doesn’t utilise <h1> and </h1>. Fortunately, there’s a new module that offers a potential solution….

Heavenly Titles

Heavenly Titles is a module that allows you comprehensive control over the styling of your page titles. This module allows you to:

  • Place them in <h1> headings
  • Alter their font weight, color, decoration etc.
  • Locate them anywhere at all on your template

This frees you up to achieve some interesting design changes by placing moving the title to more unusual places on the page.

However, although its an interesting design tool, I’m not sure that its the best solution for people wanting to add <h1> tags to all their page titles. You’d need to unpublish all the regular page titles and then place this in a module position over the main text. Possible, but there are easier ways to acheive the same effect.


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