Review of the Missing Metadata Module

Missing Metadata ModuleDan Rahmel’s Missing Metadata module has been floating around the “top rated” list on for some months. The module was created as an example for Dan’s book Beginning Joomla!, but is it useful as more than a coding demonstration?

What Does it Do?

It provides a small panel for Joomla site admins to see which of their articles lack descriptions or keywords. Without it, you’d need to open and close every article on the site to make sure they have metadata.

How to Install

  • Install as a normal module
  • Go to Modules >> Administrator and publish it.
  • Go to “Home” in the admin area and you’ll see the module.

Is it Useful?

Yes, to an extent. I tend rank metadata in this way:

  • Page Titles: The most important on-page SEO factor
  • Description: Of some importance, mainly to increase click-through on well-ranked pages
  • Keywords: Almost no importance

This module won’t tell you which pages lack unique page titles, but thats more of a Joomla limitation … you’ll need a third-party plugin for page titles. By finding the pages without descriptions you’re likely to also find those that lack titles. So, yes, its potentially a very useful and time-saving module for people wanting to optimize articles after they’ve published them.

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