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SEO-Browser.comI recently came across a cool SEO tool: displays a website the way search engines view your site.  The site is displayed with all images and formatting removed, leaving just the links, headings, and text.

Viewing a website the way the search engines do reminds us of and enforces the key elements of SEO.  

I have used this tool to show clients how their web site looks to the search engines.  Seeing your site as simply text demonstrates how important relevant text is.

In the upper right hand corner of SEO browser tool, analysis mode can be switched from “Simple” described above, to “Advanced”.  In advanced mode the meta data, page load time, external links and number of words in the body are displayed .

Viewing your site in this manner may expose some areas of your website that can be improved and in turn improve your rankings.

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Steven Johnson owns and operates Altanta Intown Web Design. Intown Web Design develops Joomla websites for small to medium sized businesses and provides custom work for jReviews. Steven has been working with Joomla since the fork from Mambo and posts under the name Eskwire.


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